so what could this be or what would this become?
it could be... a site it could be... just a place to be.
it has links...
so it is a link...
probably made of ink...
But you could call it lanky, and say it´s kinky, maybe sticky or stinky!
does it make you click on it or just makes you click away?
How away is just a click... below not so far away
Do you understand anything a said here or do you want me to repeat all this again?
I don´t mind... and because of that... i just might.
here we go, in a different way:

fly away and shine with me,
secure the pain that faints... you see?
Are you aware, from all the pain, ´cause i am scared, its in my veins
now fly again in a desert sea, and share the shine you want to be
and look , so many colours you are too blind to see
If you see me in your way,
i don´t know where to go
I might be lost
you will be lost... in your head
you´ll be scared
I´ll not open that chest
ve seen were it takes me, at best
God, how i wish to be able to do it once more...Feel it in full core... and not just the damn floor!!

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Mona Lisa said...

Mas que inspiração...