"Seguindo a corrente Mokista"

Another day started like all the others and everything was in place. My head, my heart and feelings wore cool, unstressed and in place.
But why? (First call of the day to wake me up.)
What the fuck??
Do I answer this call? Or just let it ring? (Still I was curious and there isn’t a single day that I don’t think about it!!)
You called for a coffee so I could give you some things you left behind, im my house, in my head and heart.
Damn, my bed was warm and so much more comfortable.
And that was it, for as much I try not to!


Mokas said...

é o kick in do cerebro reptiliano...

medusasss said...

Não há nada que o tempo não cure.
Best of luck!

Garras said...

Axo k tens razao.
É assim uma coisa como ver o "aliens"...enquanto estasa ver o filme e depois durante umas horas pensas naquilo tudo..mas depois passa.


Ta quasiii.
Axo que o mokas tinha razao...tem mm a ver com o kick in!!!