Feeling like a cat that lost his whiskers
Trying to fit my head in holes that I used to fit in
Loosing my sanity like those cheap dancers
Scratching the couch where I used to sleep in

Where are the kisses that I used to feel
the warm touch of your silk skin
the smile on your face that made me kneel
I miss it so much, I can barely feel

Seeing you every day under a dark cloud
makes me feel cold like winter storm
I remember the days I felt proud
now I only urge for you to norm

Grab me tight so we can move on
hold my hand and lets carry on
I love you with all my heart
lets start over, let us have a new start

the touch and hugs in the morning are so far away now
the real kisses every day are so distant apart
why do we missed them ... and how?
I'm sure you know why... you are smart

I don't want to feel sad near you
but this has been recurrent
one day I feel like letting all my love go through
Next day things are not so transparent

All I want is for us to be happy
to follow together with the life we dreamed about
All I want is to be happy
All I want is to be happy
All I want is to be happy
All I want is to be happy
All I want is to be happy with YOU

What do you want?
I really need to know
i don't want to feel daunt
but i'm slowly drowning in the snow

Like never before

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